Self-drilling TEK screws for heavy section steel purlins (pack of 100)

Prices from £12.00 per pack
Heavy Section Steel Purlins HS38 ScrewsHeavy Section Steel Purlins HS55 ScrewsHeavy Section Steel Purlins HS75 ScrewsHeavy Section Steel Purlins HS105 ScrewsHeavy Section Steel Purlins HS125 Screws

Self-drilling TEK type screws with a 5/16th hexagonal head for attaching sheets to heavy section steel purlins. Under the screw head is a stainless steel washer and bonded neoprene pad to create a seal with the sheet.

Use the table below to select the screw that is suitable for your application.

Sheeting type: Heavy Section Steel TEK Screw Type
Box Profile 34/1000 HS38-S19
Box Profile 32/1000 HS38-S19

Corrugated Profile 13/3


Tile Profile


Trisomet Insulated Panel (40mm)

Trisomet Insulated Panel (60mm) HS75-S19
Trisomet Insulated Panel (80mm) HS105-S19
Trisomet Insulated Panel (100mm) HS125-S19