Now available at our Andover Branch for order & collection - 32/1000 Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Roof Safety Protective Equipment

Roofing work can be hazardous. Caution should be exercised and appropriate safety precautions taken including the wearing of suitable protective gloves, clothing, footwear and hard hat.

Two people may be able to lift a single sheet at a time off a delivery truck, depending on their own physical ability and weather conditions. This will also depend on the length of sheet and weight. The weight of our roofing sheets are given on the website. Extra care should be taken in windy or exposed areas. The edges of sheets and flashings can be sharp so remember to wear protective gloves with rubber palms for grip.

UK law requires employers and self-employed contractors to formally assess the risks associated with each roofing job and, before starting their work, to plan and organise their work so that it is carried out in a safe manner. Further information on this and working at heights, other applicable legislative requirements can be found by visiting the Health and Safety Executive’s website


While this isn’t a definitive guide to keeping yourself safe while working on a roof, we have included some basic roof safety tips here. Cladco Profiles accepts no liability for any loss or injuries caused while following this guide. Please ensure you adhere to health & safety best practice at all times.