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32/1000 Box Profile 0.7 Thick Galvanised Roof Sheets


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Our 32/1000 box profile, 0.7 thick galvanised roof sheets, sometimes referred to as single skin box profile sheets, are one of our most robust roofing sheets.

Incorporating 6 profiles of 200mm pitch across the sheet width and 32mm profile height, these are superb sheets for home or commercial use. Of all our box profile sheets, these are preferred by some due to their low profile and superb galvanised steel finish. They're made from a galvanised steel strip and give 1000mm actual width cover when lapped. Galvanised finishes are often favoured for traditional projects where no colour finish is required.

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32/1000 Box Profile 0.7 Thick Galvanised Roof Sheets

32/1000 Box Profile 0.7 Thick Galvanised Roof Sheets
32/1000 Box Profile 0.7 Thick Galvanised Roof Sheets 32/1000 Box Profile 0.7 Thick Galvanised Roof Sheets Cladco 32/1000 Box Profile Roofing Sheets, manufactured in the heart of Devon

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Uses of 32/1000 Box Profile Galvanised Roof Sheets:

Our profile roofing sheets can be used for industrial, agricultural, commercial and domestic roofing and cladding projects. Profile roofing sheets can be used as single skin sheeting, over clad of an existing roof or part of a built-up insulated system.

Some of the many benefits include these sheets being economic with a robust profile and we can manufacture to specific lengths. They are also extremely lightweight as well as being fast and easy to fit and are independently tested to current CE EN 14782 requirements.

Cladco Roofing Sheets are manufactured using high-quality Galvanised steel, giving the Sheets additional protection against corrosion, the elements, stains and rust. Thanks to the material’s natural protective reactive properties which prevents the breakdown of the product.

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Application: Wall or Roof
External Finish: Galvanised
Internal Finish: Galvanised
External Face: Profiled 32/1000, 32mm profile height, 200mm pitch centres
Standard Width: 1000mm when lapped
Max Length: 9m in 0.7mm sheet thickness
Minimum Pitch: 4 degrees
Gauge Thickness: 0.7mm
Weight: 0.7mm sheet thickness – 5.9kg/m2

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When used in roof applications, construction can be safely undertaken down to a 4 degree pitch using conventional through sheet self drilling fasteners in lower part of profile.

Rooflights, fixings, trims and flashings complete the system, offering robust, cost effective sheet cladding

PLEASE NOTE – Extra care should always be taken when handling metal sheets and flashings we advise using the correct type of Glove when handling or moving metal sheets and flashings. Gloves can be purchased on our website.

Permissable Loads: 

Permissable downward (imposed) loads in kN/m2

Sheet Thickness Weight kg/m2 Span Condition Span mm
1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000
0.50mm 4.78 single 3.49 2.52 1.91 1.37 0.99 - - - - -
double 2.58 2 1.6 1.3 1.09 0.92 0.79 - - -
multi 3.15 2.45 1.96 1.6 1.34 1.13 0.86 - - -
0.70mm 6.22 single 5.77 4.17 2.74 1.9 1.37 1.02 0.78 - - -
double 4.12 3.18 2.53 2.06 1.72 1.45 1.2 0.94 0.75 -
multi 5.04 3.9 3.11 2.54 2.11 1.57 1.2 0.94 0.75 -


Permissable wind uplifts (negative) loads in kN/m2

Sheet Thickness Weight kg/m2 Span Condition Span mm
1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000
0.50mm 4.78 single 3.62 2.62 1.98 1.52 1.1 0.82 - - - -
double 2.52 1.95 1.56 1.27 1.06 0.89 0.77 - - -
multi 3.09 2.39 1.91 1.56 1.3 1.1 0.94 0.82 - -
0.70mm 6.22 single 5.58 4.03 3.05 2.14 1.54 1.15 0.88 - - -
double 4.2 3.24 2.59 2.11 1.76 1.48 1.27 1.1 0.96 0.8
multi 5.13 3.98 3.18 2.6 2.16 1.83 1.57 1.25 0.99 0.8

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