Now available at our Andover Branch for order & collection - 32/1000 Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Placing an Order

So, you know what roofing sheets you need but you are unsure on how to place an order? Well at Cladco we can help you place roof orders for the exact amount you need. With our made to order metal roof panels, it’s essential you choose the correct amount for your project, otherwise, you will be left with too little or too much. Below we will break down some helpful information on placing an order for roofing through Cladco.

If you let us know the details of your roof we can help you figure out what you need and ensure that you place the right order. Remember that sheets and flashings are manufactured to order and make sure your plans allow for a suitable lead time prior to delivery.


Roof Orders at Cladco

When ordering our single skin profiled metal sheets, you will need to bear in mind they are made from 0.5mm or 0.7mm thickness.

You will need to check the thickness required when ordering as it can’t be changed after you have placed an order with us. The pre-painted coated galvanized steel comes off a roll and is pushed through a roll-forming machine or folder to the exact requirements you need.

Metal roofing sheets generally give 1m width cover after lapping and can be cut to any length required up to a maximum of 5m for tile sheets, 6m for 13/3 corrugated and for Box Profile 32/1000 & 34/1000 the maximum length we can supply is up to 9m. (With longer length sheets please bear in mind suitable transport, offload and handling will need to be assessed to ensure you meet the requirements) Our stock flashings are available in standard lengths of 3m and we can also make custom flashings to suit your exact needs.


Made to Order Metal Roof Sheets

Working out the roofing sheets, flashings, fixing screws and fillers that are needed for your project can be difficult. At Cladco, we want to ensure that you get the right sizes for your products. If you require any further help than the information on this website, please inform us of the details of your roof and our sales team will be happy to assist you.

Please remember, sheets and flashings are often fabricated to order, and it could be 2-3 weeks before you can take delivery of them. It’s best to make sure your plans allow for a suitable lead time that considers any busy periods we may experience also. We urge you not to employ anybody to fit the products before they have been delivered and checked.

Placing your Order with Cladco

As well as helping you place roof orders, we can provide information on various other aspects involved. Throughout our Help & Advice section, you will find lots of information that will point you in the right direction. For anything else, please contact us directly and speak to one of our friendly team today. Placing an order should be a quick and easy process and, as long as you take the above into account, you will avoid any issues arising from inaccurate orders.