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Custom Made Flashings

Flashings diagram Flashings diagram

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How to Order Custom Metal Roof Flashings

If you have decided which of our custom made flashings you would like, simply fill in the form below with the following information:

  • The number of the image that relates to the shape of custom metal roof flashing you require
  • The finish and shade you require on the custom made flashings
  • Accurate measurements following the letter guide in each image

If you have any questions, would like more information on our custom roof flashings or need to discuss your requirements, please call our expert team on 01837 659901, or enter your details in the form below to request a call.

For a truly bespoke finish to your roof, consider having custom made flashing created in exactly the right shape, angles, dimensions, coating and colour for your roofing project. Roof flashings are an essential component of any roof finished with roofing sheets, and if your roof shape is non-standard, using standard 90° corner barge and 130° ridge flashings won’t be effective in protecting the building from water intrusion. Ordering custom roof flashing that perfectly suits the angles of your roof will help ensure that your building is well-protected throughout its entire lifespan.

Our custom made flashings can be made to your specifications and dimensions using 0.7mm thick flat sheet in a range of coatings. We can produce custom roof flashings up to 1200mm wide and lengths of 3 metres.

Flashings diagram
Flashings diagram
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