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Fixings and Accessories

You’ll find all the fixings and accessories you will need to complete your project, stocking various screws and accessories that will help you choose the correct products for your requirements.

These include options for TEK screws and Stitching screws, TEK screw colour caps, mastic tape, silicone sealant and profile fillers.

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Roof Fixings and Cladding Screws

Self-drilling TEK screws and cladding screws that incorporate a 5/16th hex head and a stainless steel and neoprene bonded saddle washer, are used in the lower section of sheet profiles to fix the sheet to either wood or metal purlins. Longer screws of up to 175mm in length are available for fixing through insulation materials or composite panel. These include heavy section, light section and timber purlin screws.

Self-drilling or ‘stitching’ TEK screws are available for fixing trims to a metal sheet, or sheet to sheet on laps. Colour caps are used to cover screw heads and provide a colour matched finish. The TEK screws and cladding screws are designed to work with different materials, so you’ll need to ensure the correct screws are being used, something we can help you with. TEK screws in a 65mm length with Baz washer are used for corrugated sheeting and fix through the top of the corrugation into timber purlins.

Roofing/Cladding Fixings & Accessories

Amongst the many accessories we have available, you’ll find additional solutions to complete your roofing project, whether it's for domestic or commercial use. We have fillers and tapes including closing sheet profile gaps and sealing joints that are placed either above the profile or below. These are called ridge fillers and eaves fillers and can be purchased in Box Profile, 13/3 and tileform variations.

We also have a range of flat sheets available in PVC plastisol, galvanised or polyester paint coated colours to match the rest of your project.

Fixings & Accessories from Cladco

We can provide the complete service at Cladco, with our website full of solutions for your roofing project including metal sheets, corrugated sheets, flashings, rooflights, Z purlins and more. We can also provide help and advice when you need it, including installation guides and product guides. For everything else, please consult our FAQs or contact us directly via email or phone.