Now available at our Andover Branch for order & collection - 32/1000 Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Mission Statement

With around fifty years of industry experience of selling, operating and evolving. Cladco has undergone many key changes over the years. Changes within product innovations, new products, location changes, increases in staff, and more.

Since its establishment, Cladco has endeavoured to innovate and evolve the services and merchandise to continually improve and perfect.

Cladco Profiles has provided the United Kingdom with Profile Roofing Sheets for the last 50 years, and composite products for the past seven.

At its heart, the company has a mission and core values. A mission, which all staff members aim to, together to accomplish a communal goal.

Cladcos’ Steel Roofing Sheets, Flashings, accessories and Composite decking, fencing, and cladding are well made, reliable, quality items, mirroring the companies mission:

“To supply high-quality sustainable items at a competitive price.”

Cladco Profiles strongly believes in helping protect the planet, to ensure the world will continue to be around for a long time to come. Cladco aims to provide products, made from high-quality materials. Where possible Cladco products are manufactured from sustainable and recycled components.

To answer any further questions, regarding Cladcos, mission, products or environmental standing, see the company website, social media profiles or speak to a member of staff.