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Gaps at Eaves and Ridge

In order for a metal roofing sheets to be completely weatherproofed, you must seal the gaps that occur under the sheets at the eaves, and between the sheets and the ridge flashing. This can be done using foam filler in the profiles of the sheets. Of course, if you want ventilation, you can leave the foam fillers out.


Filling Gaps in Roof Sheets

An eaves filler strip is designed to go under a sheet, while an opposite ridge filler strip is designed to go over a sheet. All foam filler strips should be bonded to the pans or valleys of the sheeting with a flexible, waterproof silicone sealant and should be continuous over the entire width of the sheeting. This silicone bonding will add an extra layer of protection when filling gaps in roof sheets and, if done correctly, will ensure nothing can get through the gaps.


Quality Manufacture

Roof installation is no easy feat, if you require advice please contact our helpful sales team on 01837 659901. If you’re at the very beginning of your project and aren’t yet certain which products you need please contact us.

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We can supply high-quality, made-to-order roof sheets along with foam fillers and tape, as well as a whole range of other materials that may be required in your roofing project.

Cladco Profiles have decades of experience in the roofing industry and we know how important it is to work with high-grade resources. Completing your project to the highest standards wouldn’t be possible without the best materials. We have an extensive range of metal roofing sheets available in an array of colours, and supply fixtures and fittings to match, so your roofing will be seamless in structure and design.