Z Purlins

The use of Z purlins for supporting roof sheets or vertical wall cladding is a traditional, well-proven system that offers a high degree of strength, flexibility and weight-saving when compared to timber or hot-rolled steel sections. As roof purlin manufacturers, our steel Z purlins, roof purlin sleeves and purlin cleats are all the highest quality, ensuring your roofing project stays together securely for its full lifespan.

We produce standard 175mm Z purlin profiles that are made from high tensile, Z39 structural grade galvanized steel that is 1.8mm thick and with a galvanised coating that provides long life and requires no additional finish. Our production system enables the accurate manufacturing of roof purlins up to 9 metres in one continuous length, while our high-quality roof purlin sleeves allow you to create virtually any length that you’d want.

Additionally, roof purlins are easy to handle on site and during installation, providing a quick solution and allowing you to weatherproof a structure as quickly as possible. For expert advice on creating a secure and long-lasting framework, read our purlin framework advice page.


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Roof Z Purlin Framework of the Highest Standards

Here at Cladco, our roof Z purlin sections are designed to BS EN 1993-1-3:2006 using analysis and testing, satisfying the requirements of BS5950: Part 5 (1998). The components we manufacture include steel Z purlin sleeves for joining roof Z purlins together lengthwise, as well as weld or bolt-on cleats for joining roof Z purlins to rafters. The roof purlin cleats are pre-drilled for use M16 bolts. Our Z purlins can be produced for sleeved, double-span sleeved, butted and overlapped roof purlin systems, so you’ve got a choice of solutions to any roofing requirements you might have.

We are roof Z purlin manufacturers that pride ourselves on providing high-quality steel roof purlins that can be used for domestic or commercial use, manufactured to the exact length you require. They are also independently tested to current CE EN 14782 requirements, with loading tables available on request.

Roof Purlins to Support our Quality Roofing Materials

As well as our roof Z purlins and fixings, all your roofing material needs can be provided here at Cladco. We manufacture and supply roofing sheets, including 34/1000 box profiles and 32/1000 box profiles,13/3 Corrugated, 41/1000 Tileform Prelaq Mica, plus roof lights and flashings. We also provide screws and other fixings to secure everything together perfectly.

As well as our high-quality products, we can also provide similarly high-quality help and advice at the top of the page, so you’re never lost when it comes to a query. Including installation and product guides, we’ll show you how to make the most of the products available on our website and achieve the best results with every roofing project. For everything else, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more, via phone or email, and consult our FAQs for further advice.