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Dealing With Protrusions

Any part of a roof that needs an external pipe, duct or flue should ensure they have adequate flashing surrounding where they pass through the metal roofing sheets. If you need to cut any of the metal sheeting away, you should ensure you have created additional framing support in order to adequately support the sheets.

Depending on the angle and position you choose to cut, you will need to give additional attention to the back of the flashing. Ensure provisions are made for adequate drainage of corrugations and troughs. Some protrusions have their own specialty flashings kits such as velux windows, or temperature pipes. Pipes that run hot or cold usually use a kit known as dektite. If you are using one of these protrusions you may wish to check the manufacturer’s website for your kit requirements.


What should I do with protrusions?

When creating your roofing project, you may have no choice but to have protrusions. If this is the case you will need to install suitable flashings and suitable additional framing to support the steel sheeting. Dependent on where the cut through position is, you should give additional attention to vent pipes.

Cladco Flashings can be made as standard or custom and can be used around skylights, pipes, vents and other additional protrusions. Cladco glashings are made using galvanised steel to ensure they resist rust. Flashings can be made from materials such as rubber, roofing felt or plastic materials depending on the supplier.

Additional information and measures

If you are creating a roofing project and unsure where to start or how many roofing sheets you may need, take a look at our online roofing calculator. Cladco online roofing calculator can help you to work out the shape and size of your roof along with providing different profile options and accessories.

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