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Flashings are used to finish the ends and corners of a run of sheets.To cover the area where two runs of sheets intersect at the top of a roof, this is called a ridge flashing. Flashings can enhance the appearance of your roofing, help to protect against water intrusion and are an integral part of any sheeted roof.

Standard 90-degree Corner Flashings and 130-degree Ridge Caps in 3m lengths can be purchased in a range of matching or contrasting colours to seal and enhance the structure. We also carry Drip Trays and Sills and can make flashings to order (most shapes in 3m lengths can be folded at short notice).

For custom made flashings, please visit our custom flashings page or contact our sales team on 01837 659901.

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Roof Flashings

Here at Cladco, we can provide everything you’ll need to complete your roofing project perfectly. Our typical roof flashing for sale includes:

  • Ridge capping, used at the apex join of two sides of the roof

  • Barge boards/corner trims, used at the end of a run of sheets to trim & seal off the edge of the roof

  • Apron trims, used for sealing the join where roof sheets come off a vertical wall

  • Drip trays/sill flashings, to trim the bottom edge of vertical side cladding or window and door reveals

You’ll find our full range here, as well as the option to create custom made flashings, bespoke to your exact requirements if needed. The styles of ridge capping we stock include 130-degree 200mm x 200mm in either Polyester or PVC plastisol finishes depending on the look you wish to achieve. For our Barge Flashings, we stock 90-degree 200mm x 200mm PVC Plastisol and Polyester variations too.

For Tileform we stock both ridge and barge flashings in a prelaq mica coating. We also stock galvanised ridge and barge flashings.

Galvanised Flashing for Roofing & More

We can provide not just flashings at Cladco, but also everything in between to create the perfect project for domestic or commercial usage. You’ll find an extensive list of Sheeting, Rooflights, Z Purlins, Screws and more throughout the site. For anything else that you require, contact us directly via either phone or email and we’ll strive to help you.

Here at Cladco, we want to provide you with the full service, so it’s not just our products we provide, but also our guidance. You’ll find our guide on Help and Advice, that’ll point you in the right direction with installation guides and product guides. Anything else? Then consult our FAQs or contact us to speak to our friendly team, on-hand to help in any way they can.