Roof Lights

To let natural daylight into a sheeted building, you can replace some of the metal roofing sheets with GRP rooflights. These translucent roofing sheets are made of Glass Reinforced Plastic to match the profile of your Cladco Profiles sheets, and are available as 32/1000 and 34/1000 translucent box profile roofing sheets and 13/3 translucent corrugated roofing sheets.

Whether used to brighten an attic space or allow light into a shed, these translucent roof panels will transform any roof by allowing natural light in. The box profile and translucent corrugated roofing sheets will instantly improve the space and, what’s more, these translucent roofing sheets can be cut to size and fitted with simple tools and are much more straightforward to install in profiled metal roofing than traditional roof windows.

Our translucent roof lights are made from high-grade GRP glass fibre of 1.5mm thickness, offering extremely high impact resistance and minimises the risk of damage. GRP roofing sheets let in diffused daylight at a transmission rate of over 80% and give excellent flexibility and light stability. The resin-enriched gel coat finish on all GRP roof lights protects against UV radiation.


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GRP Roof Lights, Translucent Roofing Sheets

Our translucent GRP roofing sheets feature a protective polyester film bonded to both surfaces to prevent the growth of moss and lichen, as well as to reduce natural discolouration of these translucent roof panels. Our GRP translucent roofing sheets offer protection against the degrading effects of ultra-violet radiation in natural sunlight, as well as protecting indoors from the elements, as they can withstand even high winds and hailstones.

As well as letting light into the building, our GRP rooflights are also suitable for carports, canopies, walkways and screens. We keep stock of translucent roof panels in lengths from 2.5m to 5m, in our full range of profiles to match your metal profiled sheets.

Installing the translucent corrugated sheets and translucent box profile roofing sheets couldn’t be easier; simply fix the translucent roofing sheets in the same way as for your metal sheets, using the articles on our installation guide should you need to double check anything.

For Translucent Roofing Sheets, choose our GRP Roofing Sheets

As they are lightweight, GRP roofing sheets are very easy to use and fit to your cladding or roofing panels, ensuring stability as well as the filtering of natural light. The translucent GRP roofing sheets are designed to match the rest of our metal profile sheets, ensuring the fitting and aesthetics remain uniform across the metal and translucent roofing sheets.

We can supply 34/1000, 32/1000 and 13/3 variations of translucent roofing sheets, all made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP). If bringing natural light into the space where your roofing is placed is your number one aim, our GRP rooflights will do the job exactly. All our Translucent GRP sheets are independently drop and fire tested to current CE EN 14782 requirements, with a life expectancy of in excess of 15 years; long-lasting quality. While these translucent roof panels are fantastic quality, we recommend that you fit a maximum of two side by side before including at least one steel sheet in order to keep the roof as strong as possible.

Translucent Corrugated Sheets & Translucent Box Profile Roofing Sheets

We provide high-quality, expertly manufactured translucent roofing sheets here at Cladco Profiles, ensuring any purchase you make is to improve and complete your project to a high standard. As well as GRP roof lights, we can provide the corresponding metal Sheets, Z Purlins, Fixings and Accessories, and Flashings to provide everything you’ll need. Be sure to check our help and advice section for everything from helping to choose a product right for your project to help with installation. For everything else, please consult our FAQS or contact us directly via phone or email.