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Cladco | Blog

  1. The Greenhouse Spa with Cladco Corrugated Roofing Sheets.

    The greenhouse spa retreat is a serene Cornish garden retreat that offers sanctuary to all those who wish to find peace, harmony and a step closer to nature.
  2. Before and after barn conversion using Cladco Tile Form Sheeting

    The original barn was extended and renovated to create a new and exciting place for the owners to relax and enjoy.
  3. Bat Shed for Greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bats.

    This recent project was created for Greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bats to live in. A barn conversion found that bats were roosting in the eves so the owners needed to provide them an alternative home to roost before they could convert.
  4. How are my Roofing Sheets made?

    You may wonder exactly how your roofing sheets are made? Do they arrive profiled? How are they cut to length? How is the colour applied?
  5. What is Dripstop? Do I need it?

    Dripstop is an anticondensation felt membrane which can be applied to the reverse of our steel roofing sheets. Dripstop is a proven way of stopping sheets dripping with condensation in conditions of high humidity.
  6. Shields Buildings bespoke timber buildings in North Tawton, Devon.

    Shields Buildings have been manufacturing bespoke timber garden buildings since 1991 and supply a range of lifestyle buildings from studios, offices and summerhouses to carports, garages, workshops and sheds.
  7. Contemporary extension using Cladco Corrugated Sheets in anthracite.

    This Contemporary extension to a 19th Century stone cottage was designed to reflect the agricultural character of traditional farm building in the North Cotswolds in the UK.
  8. A behind the scenes look at Cladco Profiles

    Cladco Profiles is based in a small local town called Okehampton, based in Devon. We are located in Dartmoor National park which in itself is a beautiful part of the UK.
  9. How To Cut Cladco Roofing Sheets

    We always advise measuring twice so you only have to cut once... however this isn't always possible and we understand that occasionally you will need to cut the roofing sheets. If necessary, we recommend metal sheets are cut whilst on the ground and resting face down on padded supports.