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What is the minimum pitch when installing Roofing Sheets?

The minimum pitch required for a single pitch roof differs depending on what Profile Roofing Sheet is being installed.   Box Profile Roofing Sheet - 4-5° minimum pitch Corrugated Roofing Sheet - 10° minimum pitch Tileform Roofing Sheet - 12° minimum...

Are Cladco Tileform Roofing Sheets easier to install than traditional clay tiles?

Cladco Tileform Roofing Sheets can be easier and quicker to install compared to individual clay tiles. Find out more about Cladco Tileform Roofing Sheets here.

What are Self-Tapping Screws and do I need them for my Roofing installation?

Self-Tapping Screws are used when installing your Cladco Roofing Sheets. Self-Tapping Screws have a drill bit style end, meaning the Screws do not need to be predrilled and can efficiently attach two materials with relative ease. See our installation...

Can Cladco Roofing Sheets be used for Side Cladding?

Yes, Cladco Roofing Sheets have been used in many customer projects as Side Cladding. See this project for inspiration, this project also uses Cladco Roofing sheets as Side Cladding. For further information contact our sales team on 01837 659901 

How much should Roofing Sheets overlap?

When installing Cladco Roofing Sheets, they must overlap by a minimum of one Profile or Corrugation, find out more in our installation guide here.

When installing Cladco Roofing Sheets, what part of the Steel Sheeting should you insert the fixing screws into?

Screws are inserted at different spaces depending on what Sheet is being installed.   Cladco Corrugated Roofing Sheets require the screws to be inserted into the crest of the corrugations. Cladco Box Profile and Tileform Roofing Sheets require...

What's the minimum sheet length?

Cladco Profiles are equipped to handle any sized orders. While we don't have a minimum order amount, we do have minimum sheet lengths. The minimum length is 600mm for all roofing sheets except Tileform roofing sheets which are 800mm minimum.

What's the maximum sheeting order?

Cladco Profiles will strive to fulfil any order, no matter the amount. Either place the order online or, simply call the Sales team on 01837 659901 for stock availability, quotes and orders.

What is the minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order value on our products, we are able to take smaller or larger orders either through the website or via telphone 01837 659901. 

How do I install Cladco Roofing Sheets?

Please see our installation guides here for our variety of roofing sheets.

Can I use Rooflights with my Roofing Sheets?

Cladco Roof Lights are a great way to ensure natural daylight enters your building. Cladco Roof lights are made with glass-reinforced plastic. Cladco roof lights are available in box profile or corrugated profiles. For more information about Roof Lights...

What fixings will I need?

Depending on your joists and sheet profile, the screws required will be different. You can find all the installation information you need for your roofing project here:For further information, please contact our office on 01837 659901

How do I install Box Profile 32/1000 roofing sheets?

Installing Cladco Box Profile 32/1000 Roofing Sheets may seem daunting at first, but Cladco sheets are easy to install. Please see our easy to follow installation guide here. Please follow health and safety regulations.

How do I install Box Profile 34/1000 Roofing Sheets?

Cladco Box Profile 34/1000 can be easily and quickly installed using the handy installation guide found here.

How do I install Corrugated Roofing Sheets?

Installing Cladco Corrugated Roof Sheets can seem a daunting and laborious process, we have simplified the installation process in this easy-to-follow and handy installation guide which can be found here. 

How do I install TileForm Roofing Sheets?

Tileform Roofing Sheets are simple, easy to install and can be done by following the simple to use installation guide here.

Can you add Roof Lights in Cladco Roofing Sheets?

Roof Lights are available in matching profiles to the Roofing Sheet range. Roof-lights are 80% transparent allowing natural light to penetrate your building. Roof Lights can be easily added into any installation, find out more about installation with...

Can you overlap Roofing Sheets?

When installing your Roofing Sheets it is advised that each sheet overlaps the other by one profile/corrugation. For further installation, information see our installation guides here.

How to fit a Decking Balustrade?

When attaching your balustrade to your decking frame, it is vital that it is installed safely and securely. Please see the Cladco Balustrade installation guide here for a step-by-step guide on how to install your Cladco Balustrade System.

How to Build a Decking Balustrade?

Balustrades can be made out of a variety of materials, we supply the premium option of powder-coated aluminium. A balustrade simply creates a protective or aesthetic divider between one area such as a balcony and the surrounding other areas. To install...