We offer fillers for closing sheet profile gaps and sealing joints either above the profile (ridge fillers) or below profile (eaves fillers).

Pressure sensitive adhesive butyl mastic tape on a roll, used for sealing side and end laps and flashings

Flat PVC Plastisol or Polyester coated steel strip in colours and finishes to match our range of roofing and cladding sheets, come in standard 3000mm x 1220mm flat sheet size, 0.7mm sheet thickness. Other sizes can be made to suit.

Self Supporting Bevelled Gutter System

A simple metal rainwater gutter solution for your building with 30% greater capacity than ordinary 6” half round plastic gutter.

We manufacture metal purlins/sheeting for supporting either roof sheets or vertical wall cladding.

To let natural daylight into a sheeted building you can replace some of the metal sheet panels with rooflights, clear sheets made of translucent GRP to match Cladco Profiles sheet profiles detailed on the previous pages.