Box Profile 32/1000 Sheets (for roofing and cladding)

Prices from £6.40 up to £ 11.30 per M2
Box Profile 32/1000 Sheets - Roof and Wall Profile Sheeting
Box Profile 32/1000 Sheets with a preferred appearanceBox Profile 32/1000 Coated SheetsBox Profile 32/1000 Coated Sheets - PVC / PlastisolBox Profile 32/1000 Roofing Sheets

Lighter with a lower profile and attractive appearance

Cladco Profiles 32/1000 trapezoidal, again sometimes referred to as box profile single skin single skin sheet gives robust sheet strength with 6 profiles of 200mm pitch across the sheet width and 32mm profile height. Some users prefer the appearance of this profile as it has lower and less profiles. It’s made from 1220mm coated steel strip and gives 1000mm actual width cover when lapped.

Available in 0.7mm and 0.5mm sheet thickness, PVC Plastisol, Polyester paint finish and plain galvanised coated, it is also available with “Dripstop” anti-condensation membrane on reverse.

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Click to see our choice of coatings