Plastic free July is a global movement, helping millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. Leading and educating the way to a plastic free life, helping towards to cleaner streets, and oceans. 

Here at Cladco Profiles we have been on an environmental journey to reduce our impact since 1982 when we purchased our first electric forklift. Since then, we have been making changes in all aspects of our business to reduce our overall impact on the environment.

Cladco Composite products enable customers to improve their homes and gardens while using environmentally friendly resourced materials consisting of recycled plastic and FSC certified wooden fibers.

This look was created using, Cladco Composite Decking in Light Grey, finished with a matching bullnose trim for a high end finished look. Please note, these boards have been laid on the reverse and we recommend installing the boards narrow groove side up for low slip properties. This customers garden has not only been given a facelift with extra areas to relax, socialise and unwind, but have done this while aiding the recycling of used plastics.

Our composite boards are made from 60% hardwood fibers which are FSC certified,  ensuring the wood we use has minimal effect on the environment, and 40% recycled polyethylene, paired with bonding agent, colour tint and additives, producing a high quality look for a competitive price.

Not only is Cladco decking and cladding better for the environment, but also provides a natural-looking long-lasting product, with little maintenance, and when installed narrow groove side up, has a low-slip surface. Every single day approximately eight million pieces of plastic goes into the ocean. There is now an estimated 269,000 tonnes of plastic floating about in the sea. This is a staggering amount and one that I’m sure resonates with us all, when looking at this value we can see this is the equivalent to 10,346 of our 26 tonne Cladco lorries. Quite an enormous amount to enter the ocean and this is every day! Not sure what a 26 tonne lorry looks like? Well, the same amount equates to 1345 blue whales, or 38479 elephants which is almost every single elephant on earth! Quite an upsetting thought to think of all the plastic entering the oceans each day, this is why the plastic in our decking is responsibly recycled to ensure we are not part of the problem. If the human race doesn’t change the way it acts now, by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean, destroying not just our seas but our health and our world.

With this in mind, as a company we are actively reducing the amount of plastic we use, by creating our own deionised water for our forklifts by using our own filtering system. Saving the use of thousands of plastic bottles. Currently, in the UK alone more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfill every day. Here at Cladco we want to be a part of the solution and the not the problem.

We believe so passionately in the environment that we achieved the ISO14001 accreditation in 2019 for environmental management, helping us to not only protect the environment but meet the legal obligations required to achieve such a high standard of accreditation. 

Follow our journey to reduce our impact on the environment in the below diagram.  


After you have finished building your very own decking, you can be left with a dilemma of what to do with the offcuts or left over sample pack? Off cuts of Cladco composite decking boards can make an ideal home for your garden visitors. We have created easy to follow guides, outlining how to use your leftover decking or sample pack and turn it into an insect house, or a bird house

Celebrate Plastic Free July this year by supporting our journey to reduce the amount of plastic being used in the UK. Our Composite wall cladding and decking doesn’t just help the environment and repurpose/ recycle plastic but can also transform your garden or home for a modern, polished look with low maintenance. Use our code PLASTICJULY for a free sample pack on our website.