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Cladco | Blog

  1. Will my new Roofing Sheets look like Tiles?

    This is a question we are sometimes asked, will my Tileform Roofing Sheets look like traditional clay tiles?
  2. What Colour Roof Sheets should you choose?

    The question we get asked regularly is what colour sheets should I go for?
  3. Tile Form Sheeting - The cost effective alternative to Clay Tiles.

    Cladco Tile Form Sheeting is classic pan tile form metal sheet that gives the appearance of traditional clay tiles without the large expense or time aspect. This product was created to offer an alternative to traditional clay tiles.
  4. How I replaced my Shed Roof - Guest Blog.

    We recently had a customer send us his story on how he went about installing his new shed roof supplied by Cladco Profiles. We thought this information was very useful for anyone considering a new shed roof so decided to share.
  5. The Garden Mews Cat Hotel replaces Roof with Cladco Roof Sheets

    The Garden Mews have created a relaxing tranquil hotel for your purrfect pets. Kirsty Walden and her family ensure that cuddles are plenty and each cat is looked after to the highest standard.
  6. Whats the difference between PVC or Polyester?

    We offer an extensive range of sheets with different finishes thickness, the main question being "whats the difference between PVC and Polyester?"
  7. Can a Garden Building Add Value to Your Home?

    A Garden building is a great way of increasing storeage space within a home, useful for storing lawnmowers, tools and garden equipment.
  8. Devonshire Stables bespoke timber buildings in Winkleigh, Devon.

    Devonshire Stables based in Winkleigh, manufacture professional timber buildings and erect them all over the country.