Cladco roofing sheets used for reptile survey

Now that the weather is turning warmer it’s giving us more of an incentive to go out walking and enjoy the fresh spring air. On your walks this spring you may come across lizards and snakes if you are lucky, these rare species are often frightened of noises so we often don’t see them. Unfortunately, all of Britain’s native species of snakes and lizards are declining to some degree so its Important these are checked with reptile surveys using Cladco roofing sheets to monitor their numbers.

Locating reptiles can be a difficult task as they are often very good at hiding. Reptiles markings and habitat selection make them extremely hard to find and they will almost always make for cover if approached too quickly.

The use of artificial coverings such as sheets of Cladco corrugated steel and box profile sheeting are perfect for reptile surveys. These roofing sheet profiles provide a source of heat and protection for reptiles against predators. Cladco roofing sheets cut Into small sections and a variety (between 5 and 10 per hectare) are placed in sunny areas near to cover, ideally along hedgerows, on grassy banks and verges which are an ideal spot for reptiles.

These reptile survey areas are monitored monthly between March and October when reptiles are likely looking for a warm spot.


This is a common method to locate reptiles and will will likely increase the chances of you finding reptiles.


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