Your roof, arguably one of the most important parts of your home, is often forgotten about until something goes wrong.

Aesthetically speaking, your roof can add a lot to the overall look and feel of your home, and choosing the correct roofing sheet for your building can transform and uplift the appearance of your property.

If you are wanting to replace, redesign or renovate your home or other buildings, and are wanting design inspiration, or product information you may want to follow the Cladco Roofing Instagram Page:

The Cladco Roofing Instagram page showcases some of the most interesting and enticing projects handpicked to demonstrate the versatility of Cladco Roofing Sheets, to inspire and motivate you with your roofing renovations.

Cladco Roofing Sheets are manufactured to specific lengths, colours, coatings and profiles to meet individual customer requirements.

Some of our favourite Cladco Roofing Projects:

This home, cladded in Corrugated roofing sheets, has an elegant and contemporary look thanks to Cladco Corrugated Roofing Sheets in Black.

Cladding entire buildings in metal corrugated sheeting is an increasingly popular trend and has been executed tremendously here.

See this project on the Cladco Roofing Instagram Page.

Cladco manufacture Custom-Made Flashings for areas that are unique such as a lean-to roof, or provide a range of standardised Flashings for more traditional installations. Flashings such as Ridges and Barges are used to finish any roofing project, sealing exposed gaps between the Roofing Sheets at the top of the roof or along the sides. This project has used Cladco 32/1000 Box Profile Sheets in Juniper Green with matching Ridges and Barges. Not only do the Flashings protect your building, but can also create an attractive intricate design. See this project on the Cladco Roofing Instagram Page.

Cladco Roofing Instagram page isn’t just for large project inspiration – if you have any leftover sheeting, why not transform something slightly smaller? Chicken coops and rabbit hutches can also be protected from the elements using Cladco Steel Roofing Sheets. This project used Cladco Corrugated Sheeting, creating a smart, functional chicken coop roof protecting and sheltering the birds from the elements. See this project on the Cladco Roofing Instagram Page.

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What can the different roofing sheets bring to your property?

Replacing your roof is one of the most expensive jobs you can do on your building, so ensuring your roofing replacement is the right material, length and colour for your home is important.

All profiles manufactured by Cladco Profiles are regularly featured on the Cladco Roofing Instagram Page in a variety of projects, sizes and designs.

This barn project used Cladco Graphite Grey Tile Form Roofing Sheets. Tile Form Roofing Sheets give the appearance of individual clay tiles, perfect for a rural, traditional appearance. The Tile Form Roofing Sheets in this project create a beautiful focal point for the building, the metal of the Sheeting contrasts spectacularly with the natural timber and stone elements of the barn and the surrounding area.

See this project on the Cladco Roofing Instagram Page.

Cladco Box Profile Roofing Sheets are the most popular of the available profiles. The versatile, neat attractive Roofing Sheets are perfect for a range of projects, from garden sheds to elaborate outdoor kitchen setups.

Paired with matching Barges and Ridges, Cladco Box Profile Roofing Sheets allow for a stylish, beautiful project, which should last for many years to come.

See these project on the Cladco Roofing Instagram Page.

Cladco Corrugated Roofing Sheets have been used to clad the entirety of this building, resulting in a fantastic modern take on a traditional barn conversion.

The dark steel produces a fascinating attraction against the rural surroundings.

See this project on the Cladco Roofing Instagram Page.

Where to find Steel Roofing and Steel Wall Cladding Inspiration

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