Cladco Profiles, The History, at a Glance

Cladco is the UK's leading supplier of Roofing Sheets and Composite Decking. Cladco Profiles success is in correlation to the constant strive of the business of continuing to innovate and improve on goods and systems.

Cladco Profiles started life in the quaint village of Inwardleigh, on the outskirts of Okehampton, Devon. When Leslie Trescher, established the company, in 1972, the focus was exclusively roofing sheets and accessories. Lawrence, Les’ son, is the current CEO of Cladco and has been apart of Cladco Profiles full-time team since 1982.

In 2000 to help with the increasing demand for goods, the Treschers hired Bob, the first Cladco employee.

Cladco has grown and developed into the successful company it is now, the leading supplier of roofing and composite products, and with over 70 employees.

2007, Cladco invested in new steel sheet production machines To expand the product range, offering an additional sheeting profile, Tileform.

In 2013, the business evolved further, when Lawrence, after much research around composite products and the market, the range of the composite products were formed. Since its establishment in 2013, the composite range has become an important component of the business.

Over the decades the company's logos have changed to the known logos Cladco has been operating with for the last few years. Transforming from the previous blue logo to the recently used blue and green logos, mirroring the changes the business has gone through.

Now Cladco is a prosperous business with two main lines, composite, and roofing products. To market both of these very different products, each side of the business had to have a unique style and feel, to appeal to the correct customer. Which has transitioned and changed over the years.

While Cladco Profiles, has expanded, changed, and grown considerably since the company's beginnings in the 70s, the business has never disregarded it’s family morals.

Why re-brand?

An interesting question to ask, when the business is a success, why would a rebrand be needed? The reason, simply, to unify both areas of Cladco Profiles.

Since the rebrand, the company can now operate with a sense that both sides of the company are equal in importance. Both sides of the business, decking and roofing have the same amount of attention and care given.

Ahead of the rebrand, the business conducted a thorough analysis of demographics, market insights and audits, employee feedback, and company training. The information gained from the research assisted in creating and designing the rebrand for the company.

So customers can follow the news, product launches and more, within the area of business/ products they are interested in. The company created an across company colour pallet, so both the Roofing and Composite products can be promoted in a unified colour scheme.

So whats changed?

Cladco Profiles will continue to provide sustainable, high-quality goods at a competitive rate. The changes within Cladco regarding the rebrand will not affect the customer support, service, or the quality of manufacture.

Every component of the business has had to have an overhaul for the rebrand, including; websites, sample packs, brochures, truck signs, stationery, uniform. All areas of Cladco have been rebranded.

All Cladco employees have received a new rebranded uniform. On rebrand launch day, the teams were gifted a goodie bag with; mugs. pens, keyrings and homemade cakes to celebrate. (To see these, and much for go to the companies Social Platforms.)

What's in the pipeline for the rebranded Cladco?

The rebrand was necessary for Cladco Profiles, helping to ensure the business stays modern, rememberable and professional, for many years to come. By removing the separate colour schemes for roofing and decking, and combining them underneath one version of branding guidelines and colour pallet, Cladco can be more creative, and innovative with the products, while not being constricted by the designs.

The company is continually working to create new business objectives, improvements and designs.

The rebrand now fully affirms and represents Cladco and Cladcos mission. A missions statement, which motivates and inspire all employees to work together to ensure the companies mission is adhered to.