Clear Rooflights

To let natural daylight into a sheeted building you can replace some of the metal sheet panels with rooflights, clear sheets made of translucent GRP to match Cladco Profiles sheet profiles detailed on the previous pages.

Our clear roof sheets are made from high grade GRP glass fibre of 1.5mm thickness, offering extremely high impact resistance, minimising the risk of breakage. They let in diffused daylight at a transmission rate of over 80% and give excellent flexibility and light stability, featuring a protective polyester film bonded to both surfaces preventing moss and lichen growth and discolouration as well as protection against the degrading effects of ultra-violet radiation in natural sunlight.

Our GRP rooflights are also suitable for carports, canopies, walkways and screens. We keep stock lengths of 2.5m, 3m and 3.5m and our GRP rooflights are both independently drop tested and fire tested.

34/1000 Profile GRP Roof Lights
Prices from £36.87 per sheet

Use with our 34/1000 Box Profile sheet

Prices from £36.87 per sheet

Use with our 32/1000 Box Profile sheet or on their own…

Prices from £36.87 per sheet

Use with our Corrugated Profile 13/3 sheet or on their own.