Sheet Types

The coated steel strip we make into our products is produced in accordance with a strict series of quality standards by leading suppliers, giving us traceability and quality control. All of our profiled sheeting and purling products have been independently tested to current CE EN 14782 requirements.

The durability of this material is dependent on the galvanised and protective coatings directly applied to the steel substrate. As a material, steel has long been used in building and has the added benefit of being recyclable. To produce high quality pre-coated sheeting a system of multi-layer coatings is applied to zinc coated high tensile steel strip and oven cured to ensure optimum adhesion. This gives a sheet with excellent corrosion resistance and climatic protection together with abrasion resistance and high strength.

Our sheeting is available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm sheet thicknesses, in either 200 micron leather grain Plastisol, 25 micron polyester or plain galvanised coatings, suitable for all types of agricultural, industrial and commercial buildings.

PVC Plastisol coated

A pre-finished steel sheet with a 200 micron coating of high quality PVC Plastisol with an embossed leather grain finish that gives long life, typically 15 to 25 years to first maintenance or repaint, with a life in excess of 40 years in normal environments, and a high resistance to scratching and damage.

Polyester Paint coated

A 25 micron thick smooth enamel coating, economic to use and gives excellent weather resistance, typically 8 to 12 years to first maintenance or repaint with a life in excess of 20 years in normal environments, but only a moderate resistance to scratching.

Both sheet types are available in an extensive range of colours, where choice and aesthetic appeal can be matched to environmental and performance requirements. Both types use a light grey enamel coating on the reverse side.

Box Profile 34/1000 Sheets - Roof and Wall Profile Sheeting
Prices from £6.40 up to £11.30 per M2

Our strongest and most popular sheet

Cladco Profiles 34/1000 trapezoidal, sometimes referred to as box profile single skin sheet gives maximum sheet strength with 7 rigid profiles of 166mm pitch across the sheet width and 34mm profile height. It’s made from wider 1250mm...

Box Profile 32/1000 Sheets - Roof and Wall Profile Sheeting
Prices from £6.40 up to £11.30 per M2

Lighter with a lower profile and attractive appearance

Cladco Profiles 32/1000 trapezoidal, again sometimes referred to as box profile single skin single skin sheet gives robust sheet strength with 6 profiles of 200mm pitch across the sheet width and 32mm profile height...

Cladco Profiles 13/3 Corrugated Steel Profile
Prices from £6.40 up to £11.30 per M2

The traditional corrugated iron profile

Cladco Profiles traditional 13/3 ‘corrugated iron’ profile. 13 corrugations of 3 inch/76mm round corrugation gives 3ft 3inch/990mm sheet cover when lapped.

Available in 0.7mm and 0.5mm sheet thickness, PVC Plastisol,...

Tile Profile 41/1000
Prices from £10.75 per M2

Elegant appearance with the benefits of modern coated steel

A classic pan tile form metal sheet that gives the appearance of traditional clay tiles. Standard width 1,000mm when lapped. Available in most lengths. Single gauge (thickness) of 0.5mm. A coloured PVC Plastisol coating is...

Insulated Composite Panel - Core / Insulation Thickness
Prices from £26.85 up to £33.60 per M2

Easy to install, environmentally friendly (CFC free) and with a high insulating coefficient

Cladco Profiles Trisomet insulated composite panel sheeting is equally suited as a roof or wall assembly, providing a fast insulated construction system that avoids the costly site assembly of...