Metal Z Purlins 175mm


We manufacture metal purlins/sheeting for supporting either roof sheets or vertical wall cladding, purlins are 175mm and our production system enables the accurate manufacture of purlins to virtually any length. This traditional well proven system of sheet support offers a high degree of strength, flexibility and weight saving over timber or hot rolled steel sections with ease of handling on-site and during installation.

We produce 175mm zed purling profiles made from 1.8mm Z39 structural grade galvanized steel of 1.8mm in thickness. Purlins are made from high tensile Z39 structural grade steel with a galvanised coating for long life so no additional finish is required.

Our sections are designed to BS EN 1993-1-3:2006 using analysis and testing and satisfy the requirements of BS5950: Part 5 (1998). We supply sleeves for joining purlins together, weld or bolt on cleats for joining purlins to rafters. Our zed purlins can be produced for sleeved, double span sleeved, butted and over lapped purlin systems.

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