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Intro and Disclaimer

The help and advice section is useful for advice and guidance during your roofing project. Guide is for advice only on how to install a metal sheet roof. Advice is of a limited detail and is not to be relied on for exact requirements on installation safety and specific circumstances should be accounted for.

Within this easy to follow installation guide are different sections to help you with your installation of Cladco roofing sheets. Ensure you have read the Always Work Safely and Handling Sheets information before starting your installation. This guide is intended for those who have an understanding of installing roofing sheets already and for beginners we would advise seeking advice from a professional before starting work.


Installing Roofing Sheets
A Simple Guide

Our simple to follow installation guide has topics on some of the more common aspects of roofing such as end side laps, what to do for eaves and ridges with gaps , how to cut sheets on-site and information on how to lay sheeting.

For extra information or guidance on how to place an order or information for ongoing maintenance of sheeting, we’ve got you covered.

Safety should always be the first priority when installing Cladco Roofing Sheets. Prior to completing your project we strongly recommend that you prepare everything to ensure you have all things required, where possible manual handling equipment is advised - for example a forklift.

In the UK laws require the self-employed and employers to formally audit and assess any risks which can be associated with roofing projects, before beginning a project they must plan, assess and organise to ensure the project is completed in a safe and suitable manner.

Additional information on safety assessments, further information for working at heights and additional other legislative requirements can be found on the HSE website

For advice on installing Cladco metal sheeting, or for advice on roofing projects please feel free to contact our team on 01837 659901 or email [email protected].

Please note we at Cladco Profiles accept no liability for loss, injury or damage caused by the use of this guide.