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Handling Sheets

When handling roofing sheets it's imperative to take precautions to ensure no damage is created to the product or injury caused to the persons installing them.

Where possible, you may wish to use mechanical equipment for handling. Its strongly advised not to drag a sheet across another sheet as this can cause unnecessary damage or scratching to the sheet below, ensure sheets are lifted clear of anything below. Its important to remove any packaging prior to lifting roof sheets onto a building.

Cladco will accept zero liability for injury or loss caused during installation of roofing sheets when following this guide, you should always contact an experienced professional prior to starting work.

At any point when in contact with roof sheets it’s imperative to keep hands and persons safe, roof sheets can have sharp or pointed edges and working with them can be hazardous. We advise the use of level 5 cut protection gloves for safety which are available on our website.


Equipment Advice For Roofing Sheets

We advise visiting the HSE website for legislative requirements and information on working above ground.
Visit the website here:

Roofing sheets should be placed on the roof before fixing them down, sheets are advised to be secured to the roof as close to the rafter line as possible. Its advised to spread the sheets out to distribute the weight across purlins. Debris must be removed including left over screws, fasteners and additional materials from the roof sheets.

If no mechanical handling equipment is available for lifting roofing sheets then precautions should be taken to ensure you do not damage yourself, others or roofing sheets. Ensure you use protective gloves when handling sheeting and ensure you always have a minimum of 2 persons handling sheets. Sheets can be heavy and it’s advisable to check whether persons or machinery can handle the weight of the product. Taking the above precautions can prevent the sheet from being bent.