This recent project was created for Greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bats to live in. A barn conversion found that bats were roosting in the eves so the owners needed to provide them an alternative home to roost before they could convert.

They set out to make this stunning bat shed to house the bats comfortably before they set out to convert the barn. The bat shed was made from timber larch and has silvered to create a beautiful exterior. The Roof was made from Cladco PVC Black Corrugated Roofing Sheets, with matching PVC barges to finish off the edges and a colour matched PVC Ridge.

Bat Shed for Greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bats.

The bat shed was built to exacting conditions as recommended by the Bat Conservation Trust. The owner is now required to hold a bat licence to ensure the safety and protection of these species.

You need a mitigation licence if your work will have impacts on European protected species that would otherwise be illegal, such as:

  • capturing, killing, disturbing or injuring them (on purpose or by not taking enough care)
  • damaging or destroying their breeding or resting places (even accidentally)
  • obstructing access to their resting or sheltering places (on purpose or by not taking enough care)

Bats are vital to the environment, some plants partly or wholly depend on bats to pollinate their flowers or spread their seeds. Other bats help control pests and insects by eating them.

The greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bats have a circular flap of skin surrounding their nostrils and the horseshoe shape of this ‘nose-leaf’ gives these bats their name. The greater horseshoe, weighing between 13-34g, is one of the largest bat species. It has buff-brown fur, except in animals of less than one year old which are dark grey. Lesser horseshoe bats have a similar fur colour and weigh between 4-9g, making them one of the smallest mammals found in the British Isles. At rest, both species hang free and often wrap their wings around their body.

Now the bats are happily living in the purpose-built accommodation and will be protected for their future.

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